Hybrid Events

Hybrid – digital, but better

We feel at home in the real and digital world and will work with you to find the right balance between networking and knowledge transfer. By linking online and offline channels, you can inspire your participants.

We hold events online, hybrid and analogue for our customers. Whether it’s a digital workshop with 25 participants in your corporate design or a 3-day hybrid congress with 25,000 participants. For the implementation of digital and hybrid events, our service and a professional platform offer a unique opportunity for interactivity, functionality and design.

Advantages of digital events

Plannability & flexibility

Spatial and temporal flexibility

Greater reach

Expansion of the target group and the possibility of on-demand access

CO2 reduced

Guests and actors do not need to travel

We keep an overview for you before, during and after the event

Take advantage of our many years of experience

We offer the right solution in all phases of your project. ​

  • Invitation and participant management ​
  • Provision of support hotlines for actors and participants ​
  • Technical briefings from speakers, exhibitors and guests
  • Sending reminders with relevant event information
  • Event and process management ​
  • Follow-up – provision of presentations, on-demand content, reports and evaluations

Digital location scouting

In addition to the professional framework, we find the right platform: ​

  • Digital event platform
  • Digital solution via third-party providers such as Webex, Teams, etc.
  • Event apps
  • Live broadcasts
  • Professional studio for interviews, discussions and presentations ​
  • Individual studio in your desired location