The Agency

Talent. Foresight. Clarity.

The core of ZORA EVENTS is our interdisciplinary team. Our aim is to work transparently, reliably and with the highest degree of flexibility for our customers. ​

Complexity and the associated thinking outside the box are our habitus. Experience and coordination talent, passion and idealism shape our way of working. ​ Open communication, the value of the spoken word and commitment determine our manners.

We are motivated behind our projects and are always ready to go the extra step for our customers. No 9/5 mentality, we are finished when the result is right and only then are we satisfied.

We give everything

…even our network

Organizational skills

Putting the individual parts together is our strength. Supported by clear communication, a smart organizational structure, standards and professional management tools.

Network competence

Our partners and we are united by the high demands we place on the results of our own work. Competence. Reliability. Readiness for action. In the collective!

Your contact person

Lara Schöck


Soft Skills
Entrepreneur. Haven of peace. Pragmatic idealism

Hard Facts
M. A. Ethics and Organization (Business Ethics and Sustainability) University of Witten/Herdecke, 12 years of agency experience


Office Manager

Soft Skills
Positive mindset. Focused. Inventive.

Hard Facts
M. Sc. Cuddle University

Smart and sustainable solutions for your event

We offer the right support in all phases of your project. ​

  • Briefing and support for all actors
  • Speaker management – construction planning, equipment & communication
  • Exhibitor management – briefings & communication
  • Event implementation – coordination of all trades and program items
  • Supervision of accreditation & evaluation of participation
  • Debriefing and follow-up

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